monkey lookalike

BeGolly, BeGosh!

A while ago I was looking at my website control panel, when I noticed that the most looked at pub listing of the 970 pubs that I have listed, (with more than 52,000 hits), is 'really' the Star in Roffey? That came as something of a surprise!

Especially as four of the most popular Sussex pubs are:

  • The Frog and Nightgown in Faygate (4,906 hits)
  • The Crown in Hastings (3,291 hits)
  • The Earl of March in Lavant (1,045 hits)
  • The Broadwater in Worthing (2,572 hits)

Then I asked myself if I knew of a useless, stupid little 'scallywag monkey' who lived within a short spit of the Star pub who would be foolish enough to pretend that he was being a 'really great and clever fellow' and doing 'relly useful work to promote the Star pub? Yes I did!

Every computer and mobile phone has an IP address that is logged by the website server!

More than 52,000 hits? That makes someone not merely a plonker, but a plonker on an industrial scale.

(I would really have welcomed having a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner)!