three scallywag monkeys

BeGolly, BeGosh! I would invite little scallywag monkeys, whoever they are, and wherever they are, to reflect upon, and consider the following information.

Had Mr Gibbons 'really' been a sensible, willing, capable competent, reliable and trustworthy  'project partner', he would:

  • Still be with this project
  • Be driving around in a 'Project Go-Kart' of his own
  • Be enjoying a very welcome, regular and substantial boost to his retirement income

project gokart

In good faith I agreed to help Mr Gibbons. I gave Mr Gibbons the opportunity to work with a real website developer on this lovely project that Mr Gibbons urged, encouraged, persuaded and challenged me to build.

Unfortunately, Mr Gibbons was entirely unable to seize this opportunity, or rise to the challenge, and then he tried to steal this lovely project and MY WORK. He could not even be sensible. Mr Gibbons has been a complete fool. I will not work with a fool.

(I would really have welcomed having a willing, capable, competent, reliable and trustworthy project partner)!