The Wiki Sussex Pub Guide Project was conceived and designed by Rex Gibbons and Rob Pine. They love technology, (their computers, tablets and mobiles), and going to a pub for a couple of pints. They pondered long and hard, (deep thought), about how they could bring their passions together, and came up with the Wiki Sussex Pub Guide. Put another way, this is the story of how much fun a couple of chaps of a certain age (SHOGS) can have whilst thoroughly indulging themselves, and having great fun!


Rex Gibbons

Rex has a background in oil and worked for Esso, and is an IT enthusiast.
He is an expert in, (would you Adam and Eve it), martial arts.

July 2015

Rex has had to leave the project to devote more time to looking after his amazing 96 year old Mum!


Rob Pine

Rob is a retired Police Officer and IT enthusiast.
These days he runs his own web hosting and web design, business:
Rob has been 'doing websites', (and databases) for 20 years. If you (or he) can dream it, then he is a man that can build it.

Rex and Rob are both beer and pub enthusiasts and met about eight years ago when they were both appalled by the fact that at that time their local branch of CAMRA was one of only a handful of branches in the UK that did not have a website.

Rex soon found himself elected to the CAMRA branch committee and he volunteered to set up a branch website. He asked Rob for some assistance with setting this up. In six months, with a little help from a few others, Rex had moved the branch from being sad, sorry, and having no website, to one of only a handful of UK CAMRA branches to have all of the pubs in their area online (184 pubs). Rex was also responsible for making sure that the North Sussex CAMRA branch were one of the first branches in the UK to manage to input information on every pub on to CAMRA's national pub website project - 'What Pub'.

As soon as Rex had put 186 North Sussex Pubs on line he saw that the same cried out to be done fo all of the Sussex Pubs. But, for five years this 'project' remained on the back burner, because of the sheer scale of the task.

But times have changed. The technology has improved enormously, and so has people's awareness (and appetite) for it. But the big catalyst and enabler for this project was a lecture given by James (Jimmy) Wales aka 'Mr Wikipedia'. If he can set about putting the sum of human knowledge on line and making it available to the rest of us for free, then getting an estimated 1,100 pubs, 20 breweries and their beers properly documented, whilst making a jolly useful Guide in the process, looks to be very possible, and not such an enormous task after all.

So there it is in a nut shell. That is the 'Wiki Sussex Pub Guide'. The Pub Guide unlike any other - as it is written entirely by people like you - especially for people like you!  To every contributor, visitor, and user of this guide, we say, "Chocks away, and tally ho! We hope that you enjoy your trip to the pub, and that the beer is good when you get there. Cheers"!