We welcome anyone and everyone who is passionate about pubs and beer (or cider) and would like to help with this worthwhile and challenging project - to get around 1,100 Sussex pubs listed in one place.

We decided to run this project as a Wiki. We wanted to give the huge number of beer and pub loving 'people out there', (people like you?), the opportunity to easily contribute article(s) so that anyone can get their favourite local pub(s), breweries, and beer(s) listed.

Contributors can help the project by:

  • Submitting a pub article and having the pub(s) you tell us about listed!
  • Listing a brewery!
  • Listing a beer - adds a beer to our beers database - the 'Beer O Sphere'!
  • Listing a cider or perry producer
  • Listing a cider or perry
  • Listing a vineyard
  • Listing a wine
  • Listing a distillery
  • Listing a spirit

And by:

Any visitor to this site can vote on any listed pub, brewery,  or beer by simply giving them marks out of ten using our five star voting system.

Most of all, we hope that everyone (visitors and contributors) has fun (and a pint or two) whilst they are here, and you find this Wiki an ever more useful resource as it grows, and eventually reaches its objective of getting every pub in Sussex listed - all of them from - from East to West, North to South, town and country, large or small - we love them all!

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