We have a rich history of brewing beer, and making cider, and wine in Sussex.

Curiously, as larger breweries have closed, even more have sprung up to replace them, and interest in brewing beer seems to be at an all time high.

Here, we aim to document what is happening in the Sussex 'beerosphere' at the moment.

Check back to see how the picture builds.

Anyone can contribute a brewery listing.

We don't mind if you are the brewer, someone who is close to the brewer, or an enthusiastic follower of a particular brewery.

All contributions will be greatly receceived, published here and read with great interest by many.

We suggest following this basic structure for listing a  brewery:

  • Introduction
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Location (description)
  • About the brewer(s) / profile(s)
  • History / When the brewery began
  • History / Brewing developments over time
  • Ingredients used / Water / Hops / Malt / Other
  • Beers produced / Regular ales / Seasonal Ales / Speciality beers / Bottled beers
  • Future plans

Please feel free to send us lots of pictures, and send your brewery listing to us at: contact@wikisussexpubguide.uk

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