We have made it a really simple, four step process to get a pub (or pubs) listed.

  1. Choose, download, save a suitable template
  2. Complete it at your leisure
  3. Email it back to us
  4. Upload (up to) three pictures of the pub and the pub sign. (If the pub has a sign).

If you can type, (however badly), then you can do it!

We offer the following 'pub templates' - in a range of formats.

  1. MS Word 2013 Template - download
    This is a form that you can fill out by just tabbing through the fields (.dotx)
    If you would like to turn the form funtionality off, and use the template as an ordinary document, the password is 'form'.

  2. MS Word 1997 - 2003 Document - download
    A basic word document (.doc)

  3. A Rich Text Format Document - download
    This is an across platform basic standard for word processing (.rtf)

You should find a format that you can work with from one of the above.


A plea from the editor!

The idea of the template is to control the formatting of every pub record.
We want each pub record to look the same, (but, of course, the detail will be different in every case).
Please resist any temptation to change the layout, as this will give us a lot more to do in the way of editing.
The 'perfect' pub article is one that we simply have to read, and then publish!
We do have our 'wall of cool contributors'. (Hint)!