How to get a pub (your?) pub listed!

  1. It’s completely FREE, there is no catch!
  2. It’s simple - anyone can do it – it takes about 10 minutes
  3. There are three different ways to do it:

Download and save one of our templates to complete at your leisure, or

Use our cross platform, mobile friendly forms,  - RECOMMENDED!

Just copy any of our existing pub listings, paste it into a document, and edit it to suit.
Just email it back to us when you’ve done, to:


This is all that we need!


1.      Your acceptance of the WSPG Project’s Terms and Conditions

You will need to accept our (straightforward) terms and conditions – the standard drill!!
Essentially, any material in any format that you submit to the project becomes the property of the Wiki Sussex Pub Guide Project – for the editors to use, or not use, at their complete discretion..

Material will not be used if it is viewed as being:

  • Offensive / profane / indecent
  • Harmful or potentially libellous
  • Unreasonably negative
  • Inaccurate or incorrect
  • In breach of copyright
  • A duplication of material that we already have

2.      Information about the pub

Name and location
Contact details
Web / Facebook / Twitter presence: (Inc website address, Facbook Page, Twitter UserName

General pub information, including:

Ownership / Management info

Tenant / Lessee

Landlord /:Landlady

About the beer - The fun bit!

Real Ale: Yes / No

Real Cider / Perry: Yes / No


Free Wifi: Yes / No

Child friendly: Yes / No

Dog friendly: Yes / No

Car Parking: Yes / No

Disabled access: Yes / No (Describe)

Accommodation: Yes / No (Describe)

Pub Amenities: (Describe).

Pub Description: (Describe)

Pub History: (Describe)

You can do these at your leisure!
They are not essential for a listing, but very nice to have!
Ping these to us any time!


3.      Some basic Information about you

Your name
Contact Details
Your relationship with the pub - Owner / Manager / Landlord / Landlady / Regular Customer / Visitor
Whether you would like to be credited as being the author of your listing.
(You may remain anonymous if you wish).


We do not share your information with anyone else, and it is kept securely, as you would expect. We can send you a text / email with a link to your article when it is published!


4.      Pub image / Pub sign image upload facility

You will have the option to upload 1,2, or 3 images of the pub, and 1, 2, or 3 images of the pub sign. We prefer to have pictures of the pub in landscape format and pictures of pub signs in portrait format. We will use the best pictures.

You will need to have the above information to hand, or be with someone who knows it off the top of their head. That said, you should be able to list a pub in less than 15 minutes. And, it’s fun, which is what we are all about – and supping a pint!


So, what are you waiting for?

Why not get those fingers busy wikiing, snapping and pinging - whilst you're supping!

Enjoy the beer, and spread the cheer!

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