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Green Man, Horsted Keynes



The Green Man
The Green
Horsted Keynes
Haywards Heath

West Sussex
RH17 7AS
Telephone: 01825 790656


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Owner: Greene King

Tenant / Lessee: e.g. Mr John Smith

Landlord: e.g. Mr John Smith and Mrs Jane Smith

Real Ale: Yes

Real Cider / Perry: Yes / No

Free House: No

Website: Not found

Facebook: Not found
Twitter: Not found

Free Wifi: Yes / No

Child friendly: Yes / No

Dog friendly: Yes / No

Car Parking: Yes / No

Disabled access: Yes / No

Accommodation: Yes / No – if ‘yes’ describe

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e.g. Large garden, pool table, darts, wide screen, tv, Sky Sports, dining area, restaurant menu, bar snacks 

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e.g. A luvverly pub in a luvverly location serving luvverly beer!
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History: Yes / No (and if ‘yes’ please send a separate email that we can link to)

If 'Yes' pub history to go here....
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green man
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